Top 10 Food Related Scholarships List

The last three months of the year are one of the busiest times of the year for scholarship applications. High school seniors and others are turning their sites towards college applications, and with those acceptance letters comes time to consider how to pay for college. Fortunately for college students everywhere, there are thousands of scholarships providing millions of dollars in extra tuition funding every year. What are some of the most popular scholarships on the web? Not surprisingly, food related scholarships are in high demand among those searching scholarships online. Based on data from Google, we’ve put together this top ten scholarships list based on average monthly searches over the past year. Whether you prefer a Whopper (our favorite) or Big Mac, these scholarships can mean big money for college students.

# Scholarship Deadline
1 Coca-Cola Scholarship (Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation) October 31
2 Burger King Scholarship (Burger King Scholars Program) December 15
3 McDonald’s Scholarship (Ronald McDonald House Charities) January 20
4 Dr Pepper Scholarship (Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway) Oct 20 & Jan 12
5 KFC Scholarship (Reach Educational Grant Program) Unknown
6 Taco Bell Scholarship (Glen Bell Scholarship Program) Unknown
7 Subway Scholarship (Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation) Unknown
8 Got Milk Scholarship (DFA Cares Foundation Scholarship Program) January 15
9 Chipotle Scholarship (Niman Ranch Next Generation Scholarship) Unknown
10 Jack in the Box Scholarship (University of Phoenix, Jack in the Box Emerging Leaders) Unknown

Based on data from Google, average monthly searches over the prior year.