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The deadline for the 2016 Burger King Scholarship may be behind us, but you can still find other scholarships, grants, and sources of financial aid. We’ve provided this custom Google search to help you search for other ways to pay for college:

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The application period officially runs between October and December, with a scholarship deadline of December 15, 2016. High schools students interested in a chance at a BK Scholarship between $1,000 and $50,000 (Burger King employees), should consider submitting their application ASAP. If you plan to start college next year (2017), this may be an excellent opportunity to get some extra cash for your studies. Imagine what you could spend $1,000 or more on at college – new textbooks, offsetting tuition, upgraded meal plan, large screen monitor for your macbook pro, supplies, or even activity fees! It’s a great idea to apply for multiple scholarships, and we want to make sure you include the burger king scholarship 2016 while the opportunity is still available.

2017 Scholarship Deadline

As a reminder, the Burger King Scholarship 2016 program (for the 2017 school year) is open to eligible students in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Given the competition is restricted to these countries, the chance of receiving an award is much greater than those college scholarships available worldwide.

If you are currently (2016) a senior in high school, with a grade point average over 2.0, and who participates in extra curricular activities, you may be eligible for the Burger King Scholarship. Prior year awards have ranged from $1000 (over 900 students last year) to $50,000 in some rare instances. There are also opportunities for $5,000 scholarships for eligible Burger King employees.

It’s not too late to apply for the Burger King Scholarship in 2016, but time is running out and Burger King reserves the right to review only the first 50,000 applications that are received. So learn more about the Burger King Scholarship application process today and get your scholarship application in before its too late!

Good luck in your studies in 2017!

Factoid: You may know that Burger King is home of the Whopper (arguably one of the best burgers out there), but did you know that the funds for the Burger King Scholarship 2016 program are provided through generous donations from Burger King franchisees, employees, and even customers? It’s a truly amazing scholarship program supported by a caring community and set up to honor the emory of one of the great founders of Burger King, James W. McLamore through a foundation set up in his name.